Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Fun Ideas

Not that these are super fun but we did them for the Superbowl and they were definitely enjoyed. I know not everyone gets into football or the Superbowl, but I thought these were cute.
I love chocolate covered strawberries and our sports minded daughter made them little footballs. So cute and so delicious.

We cheated and used the Baker's brand chocolate dipping cups. They come in milk chocolate and we added semi sweet chips. The white laces are just white icing for cookies.
Next, we had some little fans coming over so we did Pigskins in a Blanket.

Just hot dogs and flaky refridgerator biscuts. I cut the tops open to tell if the hot dogs were done. We also did a version of these for Halloween this year and cut the biscuts into strips and wrapped them around to make them mummies. They were a hit with the kids
I made homemade taquitos too.

I've done these before but this time I prepared the tortillas in oil like usual but after I rolled them I baked them instead of frying them. They were really crispy and good. I usually make the filling from canned beef (from my food storage), salsa, salt, pepper, cumin and green chiles.
We did the other usual stuff, wings, veggie and fruit trays and multiple chips and dip. So if you are looking for football inspired finger foods for your Superbowl party or your Pee Wee Football party, enjoy and have fun!

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  1. Such cute ideas! My boys would love them so I'll have to give them a try. The taquitos sound yummy!!