Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One of Those Days...

Have you ever had one of those days, where you run all day and accomplish nothing. Then you walk down to the neighbor's house to borrow 3 eggs because you need 4 and you have already been to the grocery store 3 times today. Then you take time to make a carrot cake from scratch, only to find that your baking powder must be old and your cakes look like this...

Very dense carrot pancakes, UGH! They baked all the way through, so I will be frosting them and serving very dense carrot pancakes, stacked and finished with cream cheese frosting.

This is what I scraped from the bottom of my oven after I cleared the smoke. Disgusting!

I have now realized the best thing about vaulted ceilings, the smoke detector is very high.

I thought those of you who thought everything I made was perfect should see, IT'S NOT! At least it gave my husband a laugh. There is always tomorrow, hopefully it will be better.


  1. Oh man, I hate when that happens. I am so impressed that you are such a little cooker. I'm not sure if I hate it or if I'm just not good at it, but my poor kids.

  2. Lori I'm so glad to know you have days like that too. What a bummer I love your carrot cake! thank goodness for self cleaning ovens right!

  3. I still remember that time you made shortcake for the family and we all sat down and took our first bite, realizing you used salt instead of sugar. None of us wanted to say anything to you but the looks on eveyones faces were priceless! Haha

    Just goes to prove that even the greatest cooks mess up sometimes :]

    I wish I could cook like you Lori! I'm loving this blog!! Tim always makes fun of me that I can't cook, so with some of these receipes, I can really surprise him!!