Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dreaded Question...

I hate the question that pops up every night between 4:30 and 6:30... What's for dinner? It doesn't matter if Delvern or Brenna asks, it makes me a little crazy. Even more so when I don't have an answer. The other problem is looking in my full pantry and refridgerator and not have a clue where to start. I don't have a very picky bunch of eaters but have a wonderful cook to live up to, Jan.
Sometimes I really wish there was a place I could look, other than a cookbook, at five o'clock that would tell me what we are having for dinner. Many of you have recieved one of my calls for ideas. Now it's my turn to return the favor. I decided to start this blog so maybe I could help someone else out.
Here's the idea. I will be happy to share my weekly menu but I'm hoping that you all will do the same now and again. Of course you may need to share recipes too. This could be fun!

Let me know what you all think and we'll try it out for awhile. This is dedicated to all the women in my life that keep me going day to day, I love you all!


  1. Good idea yiyo! Can you come make mine too? You're always welcome... Just kidding, I hope you'll enjoy this and it will help you stay organized and not have to always be wondering... what am I gonna make for dinner tonight??? (A question that's haunted ALL of us women far too long...MOM

  2. Great idea! I love your recipes and the photos are making me drool. I'll try and post a menu soon but for now I might just copy your good ideas. (He he)