Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week Of April 6th

The menu for this week will be short, because I will be out of town so I will be sharing the responsibilty with my mother in law and sister in law;)

Monday: Tacos - always a family favorite.

Tuesday: Baked Potato Bar - Just bake the potatoes and fix up the toppings and let everyone fix their own!

Wednesday: Beans and Cornbread - The beans can cook in the crockpot all day and I will let Brenna fix the cornbread from a mix. I will be gone at work, so it will work out great.

Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas - I think everyone has this recipe by now.

Friday & Saturday: We'll figure it out later

Sunday: Scalloped Potatoes with Ham - takes only 3 hours in the crockpot.

Let me know if I need to post any of the recipes

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  1. Could you share your crock pot scalloped potato and ham recipe? Sounds like the perfect Sunday easy meal...